GEAR 2030

When the GEAR 2030 Action Plan was published in November 2012, the European automotive industry was facing severe difficulties resulting from unprecedented fall of demand in the EU market.

Since the launch of the GEAR 2030 High Level Group, it has had the objective of ensuring that the commitments taken by the Commission aiming to supporting the sector in those difficult times were properly implemented and that they will not only serve as a temporary aid but will  strengthen the automotive industry in the long run.

In October 2014, after two years of intensive work, the GEAR 2030 process has been completed with the final report. The report has been built upon the outcomes of the work of the GEAR 2030 High Level Group and outlines not only the achievements but also indicates the direction for future short and medium term actions, which need to be taken in order to maintain and further strengthen the competitiveness of the European automotive sector.

GEAR 2030

GEAR 2030 was launched in December 2015 by Commissioner Bieńkowska and focuses on competitiveness, mobility (Automated Driving) and the global value chain.

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GEAR 2030 Action Plan

To reinforce the industry’s competitiveness and address climate, environmental, and societal challenges, the European Commission adopted the GEAR 2030 Action Plan in 2012. The plan is built around four main areas:

Financing innovations

Improving market conditions

Facilitating internationalisation

Responding to change