Air quality

The introduction of Euro 6/VI plus RDE (real-driving emissions test) is key in achieving the necessary emission reductions all over Europe. A supplementary and non-mandatory standard serving as a basis for low emissions zones is not the appropriate way to tackle the exceeding of air quality standards. It would be contrary to EU-wide harmonisation efforts and create additional uncertainty for consumers.

Automotive suppliers and manufacturers may be be asked to develop vehicles addressing the particular needs of low-emission inner cities, for which the market can be expected to remain fragile. Instead, competitiveness in Europe depends on exploiting economies of scale. A fragmentation of the European market would contradict the competitiveness agenda. Should the EU envisage rules emissions zones, these should only be based on the next mandatory Euro standard 6/VI. This is moreover expected to accelerate fleet renewal.

Technology neutrality

In any case, politics should not focus on only one technology when seeking improvements of air quality, but consider a broader range of technologies including the clean and efficient internal combustion engine, electrification and different hybrid concepts (electric and other). A technology-neutral approach must be pursued.