Women Automotive Summit in Stuttgart

An event about women in the automotive industry; but not just for women… 


Many companies have their own initiatives to promote diversity, but there is still much to be done. As opening keynote speaker, Sabine Scheunert, Global VP, Daimler says “the automotive industry is undergoing significant changes, therefore it’s never been a more crucial time to encourage women’s participation in this industry.”

The automotive industry is at a crossroads right now, both in terms of technology advance, as well as the spotlight on male dominance. Although the event will celebrate award-winning female’s success in the automotive industry and welcome speakers such as Linda Jackson, CEO, Citroën and Helen Emsley, Executive Director, Global Design, General Motors, USA; there will be much focus on what are the most challenging issues affecting the industry.


What does the future hold for the automotive industry?

Can we leverage the full potential of AI to make it work for humans? How is the switch from internal combustion engines to electric vehicles overhauling the industry? How are changing consumer preferences and ownership questions changing the future of mobility?


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