Will Car Users Share Their Personal Data?

With a new generation of connected cars primed to produce reams of operational and owner-related data one hurdle remains. Will people share this data? To find out, McKinsey surveyed over 3,000 consumers in China, Germany, and the US. With increased privacy concerns and new legislation on the topic in some regions, it’s a consequential question.


  • Ninety percent are aware that certain of their data, such as smartphone address books, are accessible to applications and shared with third parties.
  • Nearly 80 percent say they consciously decide to allow certain applications to use their personal data (e.g., location, address book or browser history).
  • Majorities in all three countries say they would share personal data for automotive-related apps, if doing so met their needs.
  • Surveyed consumers also indicated a willingness to pay for various data-enabled features, such as networked parking services.




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