CLEPA welcomes additional weight allowances for zero-emission technologies, but urges further progress in upcoming Council negotiations

Brussels, 12 March 2024Following the European Parliament vote on the Weights and Dimensions Directive, CLEPA underlines the need for further improvements and clarifications in the approved text, which would be vital for the efficient implementation of the new criteria and the uptake of zero-emission technologies in the heavy-duty (HDV) transport sector. 

CLEPA Secretary General, Benjamin Krieger, states: “We are committed to the uptake of zero-emission technologies as part of an overall technology-diverse approach for heavy-duty vehicles. This is crucial to the heavy-duty sector and the EU’s climate neutrality ambition. The Parliament approved important amendments to increase the weight allowances for vehicle combinations with zero-emission trailer technologies, though further improvements are necessary for the efficient implementation of the regulation.”

Mr. Krieger goes on to say: “Making zero-emission trailer technologies in the heavy-duty sector available requires the appropriate regulatory incentives. Industry needs clear definitions of those technologies and their potential must be highlighted to eliminate any legal obstacles. Member States should address these elements to optimise the potential of zero-emission technologies, including an increase of the axle load for the truck-trailer combinations, the recognition of hydrogen powertrains and the use of the aforementioned trailer technologies with conventional trucks for emission reduction in the medium-term.”

About CLEPA 

CLEPA, the European Association of Automotive Suppliers based in Brussels, represents over 3,000 companies, from multi-nationals to SMEs, supplying state-of-the-art components and innovative technology for safe, smart and sustainable mobility, investing over €30 billion yearly in research and development. Automotive suppliers in Europe directly employ 1.7 million people in the EU. 

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