United Nations Automated Vehicles group adopts new road traffic rules

The United Nations’ Global Forum for Road Traffic Safety (WP.1) held its 85th session in Geneva from 19 to 23 September. The session adopted a new UN resolution providing a reference for UN Member States, vehicle manufacturers and drivers on safety considerations on the circumstances in which activities other than driving may be allowed when automated driving systems are exercising dynamic control.

In particular, the resolution addresses safety considerations on human-machine interface activities, on transition demand (issuing when appropriate, in an effective manner with sufficient lead time), on monitoring the driver’s availability and managing the driver’s attention, as well as driver education and testing.   

WP.1 resumed its works on a new UN resolution addressing the definition of “remote driver” and considering aspects such as the role of companies and the skills of those involved in remote operations in the context of remote tactical control and identifying new roles for humans acting as physical or conceptual drivers. 

The group is also considering challenges and perspectives for the cities and future road traffic scenarios like transformative impacts of automotive technology, post pandemic commercial and working policies patterns, and environmentally friendly policies which will have effect on roads traffic in the next decades.  

CLEPA’s Technical Regulations WG actively contributes to the work of the UN global road safety forum.  


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