UNECE-UN Task Force issues recommendations for green and healthy transport to support a sustainable COVID-19 recovery

Countries of the Pan-European region can seize the COVID-19 recovery as a turning point for green and healthy transport and mobility as a foundation to build a better future for all urges a UN Task Force.

Bringing together over 50 experts from member States, international institutions, academia, public transport operators, and industry experts, the Task Force set up in April 2020 by UNECE under the Transport, Health and Environment Pan-European Programme (THE PEP) has developed a set of key recommendations that member States can implement to support these efforts.

The recommendations are part of a policy document looking at the immediate effects of the pandemic and highlighting examples of what countries have done to deal with the crisis by introducing green and healthy mobility solutions. These cover a range of targeted actions aimed at promoting active mobility, increasing the protection of those who travel, and increasing road safety. The recommendations were developed in parallel with seven key themes:

  • Public space allocation for transport and spatial planning
  • Increasing investment in public transport
  • Encouraging the adoption of e-mobility solutions
  • Introducing mobility management solutions
  • Facilitating the adoption of innovation and technology
  • Supporting active mobility as a sustainable and healthy mode of transport
  • Rebuilding the transport system in a fair and inclusive way

The Recommendations have been developed as part of the preparations for the Fifth High-Level Ministerial Meeting of THE PEP to be held on 17-18 May 2021 and hosted by Austria, where the main recommendations will be included as part of the Vienna Declaration.

A dedicated Partnership will be created within THE PEP to assist member States in the implementation of these Recommendations.

Source: UNECE


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