Transport Commissioner discusses ‘Low-Emission Mobility Strategy’



On 14 September 2016, European Commissioner for Transport and Tourism Violeta Bulc met briefly with some of the members of the European Parliament’s Transport and Tourism Committee in Strasbourg to discuss the recently launched Commission Strategy on ‘Low-emission mobility’.


In her speech, Ms Bulc identified three key areas that will be focused on in the strategy:


  1. Higher efficiency of the transport system,
  2. Low-emission alternative energy for transport,
  3. Low and zero-emission vehicles.


Other issues raised by Ms Bulc include:

  • Master plan for the deployment of cooperative, connected and automated vehicles,
  • the proposed Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive,
  • Revision of the Clean Vehicle Directive (by the end of 2017),
  • Electro-mobility,
  • Post-2020 standards for cars and vans based on the new, more stringent test procedure,
  • Fuel Efficiency Standards for Trucks, Buses and coaches,
  • Car Labelling and Fuel Price Comparison


Ms Bulc also noted that the Commission will also be stepping up research and innovation efforts by focusing R&I funding and improving framework conditions. The Commission will present an integrated research, innovation and competitiveness strategy for the Energy Union this December.


To read the full transcript, please click here.


Source: European Commission



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