TRA2020: Joint publication gathers proceedings of the conference

After the TRA2020 physical conference–planned to be held on 27-30 April in Helsinki– was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 8th Transport Research Arena has put together the proceedings of the conference in a joint publication.

The TRA is a strategic discussion forum for the European transport sector and the related research, industry and decision-makers. Once every two years, nearly 2,500 researchers and representatives of the public and private sectors meet to exchange experiences and expertise, explore new trends in the industry and consider is the appropriate allocation of the European research and development funding in the coming years.

The TRA2020 Book of Abstracts contains the abstracts of and links to the conference papers approved for presentation (orally or by poster) in the conference. The publication has been approved by all authors. Many actors and stakeholders contributed to the high-quality scientific content of TRA2020.

As part of the original programme in the context of ENSEMBLE, CLEPA has contributed with an article on Specifications for multi-brand truck platooning. Abstract and full text are available here.

Source: TRA2020


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