C-ITS delegated act: Pragmatic and technology neutral, improves traffic safety and efficiency

The resolution rejecting the C-ITS delegated act has been adopted by the members of the European Parliament’s Transport Committee. Sigrid de Vries, Secretary General of CLEPA, the Association of Automotive Suppliers in Europe in Europe, sees the vote critically:


“The C-ITS delegated act creates the legal minimum requirements for the large-scale deployment of cooperative ITS systems in the EU. The technology will allow vehicles to ‘talk’ to each other, to the road infrastructure, and to other road users – for instance about dangerous situations, road works and the timing of traffic lights. Road transport would become safer, cleaner and more efficient.


The delegated act is pragmatic and technology neutral: It defines regulatory requirements now while ensuring a framework for future extensions, such as for 5G. Automotive suppliers deliver and support technology for both standards.


We hope that the members of the European Parliament will vote in favour of creating an infrastructure for world leading connected mobility by supporting the delegated act in Plenary next week.”




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