The Commission publishes a report with the most outstanding innovation developments for the future of Europe

The European Commission has published the ‘100 radical innovation breakthroughs for the future’This report provides insights on 100 emerging developments that may exert a strong impact on global value creation and offer important solutions to societal needs.

The authors captured a set of emerging developments through a procedure that combined machine learning algorithms and human evaluation. After successive waves of selection and refinement, the resulting 100 emerging topics were subjected to several assessment procedures, including expert consultation and analysis of related patents and publications.

The report identified three categories:

  • Radical Social Innovation Breakthroughs (RSBs), including car free city
  • Radical Innovation Breakthroughs (RIBs) in technology, including flying cars or driverless.
  • Global Value Networks (GVNs), including smart transport and sustainable energy solutions

The analysis of the potential importance of each of these innovations for Europe, their current maturity comes with some general policy recommendations.




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