The CLEPA Warranty Working Group establishes Warranty Handling Processes

The CLEPA Warranty WG established a Warranty Handling Processes (WHP) Sub-Commission to develop process descriptions for warranty handling to enable CLEPA members to improve current and future products/systems.

During the development of the process descriptions many references were reviewed including CQI-14 (AIAG/OESA Consumer Centric Warranty Management) and VDA Field Failure Analysis Process.

The result is the CLEPA Warranty Handling Processes which identifies and documents the processes for warranty handling. There are three main processes:

– Warranty Complaint Process
– Warranty NFF Process
– Warranty Cost Evaluation Process

The processes will enable CLEPA members to understand all aspects of the warranty handling processes and be able to implement comprehensive processes in their own organisation to improve customer and consumer satisfaction, reduce waste and improve efficiency.

Documenting these Warranty Handling Processes is a significant achievement and, together with the CLEPA Position Paper on Warranty, forms the major cornerstones for ‘Best Practice’ Automotive Supplier Warranty Management.

Discussions on CLEPA WHP Phase 2 have begun and the following are under consideration:
– A ‘worked example’ to aid understanding
– A checklist to allow self assessment
– Measures of Performance
– Process gate checklists

More information on CLEPA Warranty Working Group and its activities: please contact Frank Schlehuber (

Presentation on Warranty Handling Processes sub commission  is available only to CLEPA Members and can be downloaded into our Member Area

Comments / feedback from CLEPA members are welcome.

These can be submitted to Mr John Guy, CLEPA Warranty Advisor and to Ms Isadora Forcen, CLEPA Policy Officer


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