The CCAM Partnership submits SRIA (Strategic Research Innovation Agenda) to the European Commission

The Partnership for CCAM (Cooperative, Connected, Automated and Autonomous Mobility) is a potential co-programmed European Partnership under the forthcoming Horizon Europe (HEU) R&I programme.

From the outset, CLEPA has been part of the CCAM core team which, over the past two months, has had the mission of developing the CCAM Partnership proposal followed by the drafting of the SRIA (Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda). The SRIA intends to describe and motivate all the R&I Activities that should be performed within the context of the Partnership over the duration of HEU.

CLEPA is leading the drafting of the SRIA Vehicle Technologies chapter, addressing the need for reliable solutions for environment-perception (sensors) and decision-making, technologies and methodologies to ensure safety of highly automated vehicles including the development of human-machine interfaces and their user-centric design for the inclusiveness of all users.

On 16 June, the CCAM Partnership held the second round of stakeholders meetings, organised in order to guarantee a transparent process and enable the involvement of all interested stakeholders. Correspondingly CLEPA has ensured that all feedback received regarding Vehicle Technologies have been implemented appropriately within the CCAM SRIA.

On 1st July, the CCAM SRIA was submitted to the European Commission for review and feedback.

At this stage, the next task for the SRIA Drafting Team is to suggest topics for the first HEU Transport Work programme 2021-2022, the aim being to arrive at a consolidated document with a description of each topic by the beginning of September. The first R&I calls of HEU are then expected to be opened early 2021 following the formal approval of the Multi-annual Financial Framework and the Horizon-Europe Programme by the end of 2020.



In June 2019, the European Commission presented its EU-wide Cooperative, Connected, Automated and Autonomous Mobility (CCAM) Single Platform. This platform consists of an informal group of experts in the field of CCAM of both private and public stakeholders from 25 Member States. The aim of the CCAM platform has been to support the European Commission in the area of open road testing while establishing the link to pre-deployment activities through the coordination of research, piloting, testing and deployment activities for CCAM while also addressing issues related to data access and exchange, digital and road transport infrastructure, communication technology, cybersecurity and road safety. The CCAM Partnership has evolved from the Working Group of the CCAM Platform which focused on Research and Innovation activities.



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