The Automotive Skills Alliance launches two new communication channels

The Automotive Skills Alliance (ASA) continues to grow and has officially launched its social channels on Twitter and LinkedIn to provide updates on upcoming events and activities. Among the first to be reported on our feeds, the Regional Cooperation Meeting that was held last week, with a European Commission representative among the attendees.


These are the first steps in identifying the regions and involving the stakeholders which, in the following months, will be paving the way for the ambitious goal of retraining the Automotive Ecosystem workforce through the launching of pilot projects.

The ASA was conceived to answer the call of the Commission’s Pact for Skills and brings together the industry’s collective efforts to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and meet the challenges of the European Green Deal. The final objective is to reskill 5% of automotive employees each year, amounting to an approximate annual figure of 700,000 people.

To achieve this, ASA can draw from the experience of the Blueprint Projects DRIVES and ALBATTS, which were the first to collect information and implement pilot initiatives on education and reskilling in the Automotive and Battery sectors.

From large companies to SMEs, universities to training centres, the ASA intends to involve many different stakeholders to ensure continuous, pragmatic and sustainable cooperation on the Skills Agenda in the mobility world.

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