Stuttgart region supports DRIVES Project

On September 19th 2018, working package leaders of the DRIVES project met in Stuttgart. The meeting was hosted by “Region Stuttgart”, an association of local authorities within the Stuttgart Region that works with other institutions to ensure the area’s international competitiveness, and to coordinate collaboration between local towns and districts. With a population of 2.7 million, the area features a highly advanced industrial infrastructure, with the automotive sector being one of the main sectors. Vehicle design and production, research and development as well as engineering, in general, are a vital part of the area´s economy.

Regions Stuttgart participates in the DRIVES project, using their wide range of automotive companies and sector institutions to boost interest and gather relevant information for the project.


During the meeting, working packages leaders focused on the identification and characterisation of the occupational profiles to be developed, based on the future needs of the automotive sector. These findings will be shared with more than 300 stakeholders, searching for their input and expertise, to ensure a full overview an analysis of the skills needed on a changing environment, linked with the main drivers that are influencing the change.


Companies interested in providing their insights to the project can register via the following  link


The project DRIVES objective is to deliver human capital solutions to supply chain SMEs through the establishment of an Automotive Sector Skills Alliance, covering all levels of the value chain (vehicle production, automotive suppliers and automotive sales and aftermarket services). CLEPA participates in the project, providing insights about the industry trends and gathering relevant information via our extensive network of companies in the sector.


Through the network of the partners, DRIVES outcomes will be disseminated EU-wide to more than 300 associations, bringing together more than 270,450 companies of all sizes, representing over 7 million workers.


Find out more about the project visiting the website and subscribing to the Project´s newsletter





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