SERNAUTO launched the platform Autoparts from Spain

Madrid, October 22, 2018 / The new digital platform ‘AUTOPARTS FROM SPAIN’ has been launched as part of an ambitious project to internationally promote the offer from Spain and the export capacity of the equipment and automotive components manufacturers: ‘made in Spain’.


This new digital platform, launched by SERNAUTO (Spanish Association of Automotive Suppliers) in collaboration with ICEX Spain, Export and Investment, is available in Spanish, English and French and has information sheets on each company, with data, images and videos on their products. All searches types are available with the aim of being able to segment suppliers by Autonomous Regions.


The project’s clear commercial vision contemplates the rolling out of marketing and communication campaigns in strategic countries to increase the visibility of Spanish component companies and boost the ‘Autoparts from Spain’ brand, characterized by its quality, innovation, technology and experience.


Its clear profile on the major social networks (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) on which it will post in several languages, has specific campaigns in the pipeline for each market. All this within a comprehensive plan to promote the positioning of Spanish equipment and component manufacturers in international markets.


As indicated by José Portilla, SERNAUTO’s CEO, “this project was born with a clear strategic vision to promote and generate value for the AUTOPARTS FROM SPAIN brand, through common positioning in terms of high quality, technology and innovation. It constitutes another step in the support for the internationalization of Spanish companies in the sector, especially SMEs, in their promotion in foreign markets, aimed at both the supply chain and the aftermarket”.


Through this platform, Portilla goes on to say, “we want to add more value to everything that Spanish component suppliers offer and as well as working closer with their customers: vehicle builders and parts distributors around the world. It is an ambitious project that we encourage Spanish component manufacturers to join to show the enormous potential of the offer of Spanish components made in Spain.”



Browse the platform and find out about everything that Spanish automotive suppliers can offer you:


Source: SERNAUTO (Spanish Association of Automotive Suppliers)





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