Road Transport Research Conference reflects on policy objectives and EU projects

The 5th edition of the Road Transport Research (RTR) Conference took place in Brussels on 29-30 March 2022, organised in cooperation between the European Commission and ERTRAC (the European Road Transport Research Advisory Council), EGVIAfor2Zero (European Green Vehicles Initiative Association for the 2Zero partnership) and the CCAM (Connected, Cooperation and Automated Mobility) Partnership Association.

Like previous editions, the conference aimed at providing a forum to discuss key EU projects on road transport, highlighting the achievements while identifying the next steps to be taken towards the EU transport policy objectives.

With a strong focus on scientific achievements, 65 projects presented their main objectives, developments and conclusions, while describing hurdles and challenges, in each of key areas for road transport R&I: Green Vehicles, Urban Mobility, Logistics, Intelligent Transport Systems, Safety, Automated Road Transport and more. Hence, a holistic perspective was provided on how R&I is moving forward in Europe in each of these areas, outlining the expected benefits in terms of environmental, economic and societal impact.

During the opening and closing speeches, representatives from the EC highlighted the relevance of collaborative R&I in this challenging period, describing the importance of building very good synergies and collaborations between the different R&I Partnerships, which have been established within Horizon Europe in order to maximise the effect of public funding and exploit synergies while avoiding fragmentation and potential overlaps.

The presentations, recordings and pictures from the H2020RTR conference are available on the EGVIAfor2Zero website.


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