Road Safety Awards 2016



At a ceremony in Brussels, Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc presented today the Excellence in Road Safety Awards 2016. This prize recognises commitments to road safety that have a significant impact on saving lives on Europe’s roads.


Awards in the category “school challenge” went to

  • the Colegio Público Miguel de Cervantes in Gijón (Spain), and
  • the Lockerbie Academy (UK).


Awards in the category “best practice” went to

  • Børneulykkesfonden and Codan Forsikring (Denmark),
  • Centrum Bezpieczeństwa Ruchu Drogowego (Poland), and
  • ACA Automobil Club (Albania).


This year, a special prize was dedicated to Jacques Barrot, former Transport Commissioner and ardent supporter of road safety, who handed over the very first European Road Safety Award exactly ten years ago. The winner was selected by the audience present at the ceremony from among the five winners. It is : Lockerbie Academy (UK).


Violeta Bulc said: “I am very impressed with the commitment and creativity that this year’s winners have demonstrated. Grassroots initiatives like these are crucial in our efforts to reach our strategic goal to halve road fatalities by 2020. I can only encourage everyone, at whatever level you work, to carry on the great work and to pass on your experiences, so that great ideas can be used again elsewhere.”


Recently, annual road safety statistics published by the European Commission confirmed that European roads remain the safest in the world despite a slowdown in reducing road fatalities. 26,000 people lost their lives on EU roads last year, 5, 500 fewer than in 2010. There was however no improvement at EU level compared to 2014.


The Awards are part of the European Road Safety Charter, launched by the Commission in 2004, the largest civil society platform on road safety in Europe. Today it includes more than 3 000 signatories, most of them with concrete road safety action plans.


Source: European Commission


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