Press Release: CLEPA unveils 12 Top Innovators leading the Digital and Green transition in the automotive supply industry

  • The Innovation Awards took place in Brussels on 18 October with a ceremony celebrating the innovative excellence and pioneering technologies in the automotive supply industry
  • Recognising twelve Top Innovators, the event highlighted technological advancements towards the twin transition, with a focus towards the Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV)

Brussels, 19 October 2023 – As our world pivots towards a more sustainable, climate-neutral future, the CLEPA Innovation Awards, now in its 8th edition, have become a symbol of excellence and a testament to the relentless pursuit of innovation. The awards serve to acknowledge the significant role of auto suppliers in shaping future mobility. With a staggering €30 billion invested annually in R&D, the automotive supply industry is the top private R&D investor in the EU. This year’s Awards recognised cutting-edge technological solutions towards the Green and Digital twin transition, mirroring the shifting landscape of the industry, with a focus on the Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV).

“The Awards serve an important purpose – to recognise the latest technologies from automotive suppliers and to underscore the exceptional efforts being made within our sector. We focus on the Digital and Green twin transition because the demands of the digital transformation and sustainability require faster, more advanced and diverse solutions,” emphasised CLEPA’s Secretary General, Mr Benjamin Krieger.

The 2023 Awards showcased pioneering solutions selected as part of a competition earlier this year. The applications were assessed by a panel of 41 expert jury members, representing academia, industry and the R&I community, undergoing rigorous scrutiny. These experts evaluated each innovation based on its impact and market readiness, among other criteria.

CLEPA’s President, Mr Thorsten Muschal, underscored the significance of the awards in showcasing how technology openness helps to enhance EU competitiveness by stating, “As we transform our industry, it is imperative to create an attractive business environment, to establish the crucial enabling conditions needed to meet targets, and to allow for innovation by adopting technology diversity, which lessens our dependencies and allows us to reach climate-neutrality faster and more efficiently.”

To introduce the Digital category, Deloitte’s Mr Elmar Pritsch revealed brand new insights from a recent survey on the future of SDVs, examining the transformation challenges and opportunities related to this developing technology, stating that “We have entered the decade of the software-defined vehicle. Soon, software will become the differentiator on the basis of which people will decide to buy a car or not. As our recent study shows, suppliers have recognised the arising opportunities based on their traditional role in embedded software development. Now they need to unlock the full potential of software-defined vehicles by setting the right priorities to transform their business for continued success.”

The CLEPA Innovation Awards 2023 stand as a testament to the industry’s commitment to fostering a safer, smarter, and more sustainable mobility. Explore the innovations by Top Innovators, and also access the Deloitte study and other materials here: Home – CLEPA Innovation Awards


Top Innovators 2023



Bosch – Vehicle Motion Management

Hella Gutmann – Automatic Diagnostics

Marelli – Diorama Display

Qualcomm – Snapdragon Ride Flex System

(SME) Upstream –  Cybersecurity and Data Management Platform for Connected Vehicles

(SME) Wayve –  AV2.0



Brembo – Beyond Greenance Kit

(SME) Calyos – Micro Channel Heat Pipes

Forvia Group Hydrogen Solutions – XL Hydrogen Tank


MAHLE – SCT E-Motor Cooling Technology

(SME) Mazaro –  Single Stage Variable Transmission for E-drives


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