Official launch of the partnership for Cooperative, Connected & Automated Mobility

During the EUCAD Conference, the official launch of the Partnership for Cooperative, Connected & Automated Mobility (CCAM) took place. This partnership targets European leadership in safe and sustainable road transport through automation.

To support the European Partnership on “Connected, Cooperative and Automated Driving, the new CCAM Association has been created and was meeting for its first General Assembly. The main aim of this meeting was to formally endorse the over 140 applications received (including several CLEPA members) together with the confirmation of seven candidates to the Executive Board CLEPA Director of Research, Innovation and New Mobility David Storer has been appointed as part of the Executive Group. The election of other positions, including the delegates to the CCAM Partnership Board, will take place in the second General Assembly to be scheduled in the coming weeks. The high level of participation demonstrates the high interest in this research field, which is key for a safe and efficient future in road transport.

The CCAM Association aims to gather all types of stakeholders willing to collaborate at the European level to advance CCAM: industry, universities and research institutes, services providers, associations and clusters, and public authorities from national and local levels. 

Joining the association still possible, more information is available here. 


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