The Next Production Revolution

G7 – The OECD launched the Report “The Next Production Revolution”, featuring Industry 4.0 implications. The spread of digital technologies has fueled a new production revolution that will have implications for economic policies and labor markets. The OECD has explored the effects of the digitalization of production in its Report “The Next Production Revolution” , presented in Rome on May 10 within the framework of the Italian G7 Presidency. Speakers at the event included Teresa Bellanova , Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Gabriela Ramos , OECD Chief of Staff and G20 Sherpa, Raffaele Trombetta , Italy’s G7/G20 Sherpa, Stefano Firpo , Director General for Industrial Policy of the Ministry of Economic Development, and Andy Wyckoff , OECD Director of Science, Technology and Innovation.


The OECD Report explores all the most important technologies that are contributing to the Next Production Revolution , and provides some indications on how best to adapt to technological progress. Between now and 2030, the application of innovations — from 3D printers to robotics, from new materials to data-led manufacturing — will lead to deep changes in labor markets, as well as in the environment, income distribution and education.


“On one hand – said Italian Sherpa Raffaele Trombetta – the G7 governments have extraordinary opportunities to make innovation a source of prosperity and wellbeing for everyone, starting from the less integrated categories. On the other hand, for this to happen, it is essential that national policies coexist with more incisive coordination among them, thus extending the benefits of innovation globally, in an effort not only to include all geographic areas but also to extend the benefits over several generations.”


The Italian Sherpa also recalled that the issues considered in the OECD Report will be addressed at the end of September during the G7 Innovation Week in Turin, during which the Ministerial Meetings of Industry, Science, Business and various related side-events will be held.




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