MFF 2014-2020: “Everything is now on the table to conclude the negotiations”

“EU Member States have sent very positive signals that could trigger the start of the final round of negotiations on the next financial period (MFF 2014-2020) between the Member States and the European Parliament this week”

This is what EU Commissioner for the Budget Janusz Lewandowski stated at the outcome of the General Affairs Council (GAC) on 23 April in Luxembourg.

In its oral conclusions to the meeting, the Irish Presidency expressed the Council’s willingness to discuss various issues of crucial importance to the European Parliament such as future flexibility of the EU budget, a mid-term review of the financial framework, the unity of the budget and own resources. Also, on the issue of the draft amending budget to cover the needs for 2013, the vast majority of EU Member States agreed that past commitments of the EU must be honoured

“Everything is now on the table, including the Parliament’s precondition to enter into talks on the MFF: a signal from the Council that it is in favour of a rapid adoption of a substantial amending budget for 2013″ added Janusz Lewandowski.” Negotiations on the next financial period can now start. We are running out of time to ensure that hundreds of thousands of businesses, towns, NGOs, scientists and students benefit from EU funds from January 2014 on”.

Source: European Commission


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