McKinsey: Self-driving cars and the future of the auto sector

McKinseyAugust 2016, McKinsey released a podcast on ‘Self-driving cars and the future of the auto sector’, which involved a panel discussion including executive editor with McKinsey Publishing Luke Collins, Hans-Werner Kaas – a senior partner in McKinsey’s Detroit office – and Detlev Mohr – a senior partner in McKinsey’s Stuttgart office.


The podcast opens by stating – “the driverless car is coming, but significant questions remain. Will consumers actually want to cede control of their vehicles? Can autonomous cars be truly safe in a world of variable driving conditions and human error? And what could it all mean for the future of the auto sector? “.


The panel discuss issues such as how self-driving cars will enter the market what impact they will have on driving habits, in particular the way that manually driven cars will interact with self-driven vehicles. The panel also discuss potential problems for the future such as how future transport systems will adapt and manage both digital and analogue vehicles on the road.


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