Main results of today’s TTE (Energy) Council

Climate and Energy framework

The Council held a policy debate on the 2030 Climate and Energy framework, in the follow-up to the October European Council conclusions. It focused on the new governance process, which will underpin the implementation of the framework and help ensure that the EU meets its energy policy goals.

Internal energy market

The Council adopted conclusions on the completion of the internal energy market.

Minister Claudio de Vicenti, who chaired the meeting, said: “the conclusions are an important step on a subject that we placed at the core of our semester. As already stated in the informal meeting of Energy ministers in Milan, a fully integrated energy market contributes to all energy policy traditional objectives: it reduces energy costs, increasing energy security and allowing the market integration of renewables. In the light of the objectives of the completion of the internal energy market by 2014 and to put an end to energy isolation by 2015, the conclusions identify priority actions for further efforts”.

2020 strategy

The Council held a policy debate on the mid-term review of the Europe 2020 strategy. Ministers addressed, from the perspective of energy policy, the success of the strategy so far, as well as possible new priorities for its remaining duration.

Indirect land-use change (Biofuels)

The Council also adopted, without debate, its position at first reading on the draft directive on indirect land-use change (ILUC), which amends the fuel quality and renewable energy directives.
This adoption will pave the way for the forthcoming negotiations with the European Parliament. The aim of the proposed directive is to start a transition to biofuels that deliver substantial greenhouse

Source: Council of the European Union


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