Learn about anti-counterfeiting in the EU at the CLEPA Counterfeit Day 2018


This event will provide high-level expertise on the enforcement of intellectual property infringement in the EU and beyond. CLEPA Counterfeit Day 2018 will be held on November 22, 2018, in Brussels. Be sure to register early in order to secure a free participation to the event, featuring interesting speakers, policymakers and cutting-edge technology demonstrations.


Counterfeiting is a global topic and it has detrimental impact across industries. However, law enforcement and technologies are steadily improving to protect the intellectual property of our industry. The event will feature interesting speakers which will provide insight into anti-counterfeiting activities in the automotive industry.


The conference will provide insights from legislators of DG TaxUD, DG Grow and DG Trade over facts and figures of counterfeiting within the EU, how the European industry is protected by intellectual property rights, and how anti-counterfeiting measures are adopted during trade negotiations. ViDiTrust, oneIDentity+, Snaptrust and Tesa Scribos will provide insights on how technology can protect intellectual property from infringements. Finally, Europol, China Brand and The Legal Group (Dubai) will outline different enforcement practices within the EU and beyond.


The conference is the place to meet for specialists from IP and legal, as well as marketing and sales. The CLEPA Counterfeit Day will be held on November 22, 2018, at the CLEPA Offices. The event is free of charge.


Date:  November 22, 2018

Location: CLEPA Offices, Brussels (see map)

Registration: By using this link. This event is free of charge

Programme: The preliminary programme of the event is available on our website

Additional info: More information about the event and the registration form can be found on the event website:


We are looking forward to seeing you in Brussels!


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