JRC’s Work Programme for 2021-2022 adopted by the Commission

The Joint Research Centre’s (JRC) Work Programme for 2021-2022 has been adopted by the European Commission. As the Commission’s science and knowledge service, the JRC brings solid evidence and wide-reaching expertise to help the Commission achieve its political priorities. The JRC’s work contributes to the strategic direction and implementation of both the Horizon Europe programme and the Euratom research and training programme.

The JRC’s work in the years ahead will provide the evidence – via modelling, monitoring tools and analyses – to help design new policy initiatives and to monitor existing ones. Working in partnerships inside and outside the Commission, the JRC helps identify solutions to major challenges. The JRC will also dedicate significant efforts to sharing best practices and organising training events in EU countries, regions and with our international partners.

These new activities include leading the design phase for the New European Bauhaus as well as playing a strong, cross-cutting role in the Commission’s coronavirus response. Furthermore, the JRC will apply their foresight competencies to new areas, such as strategic autonomy for the EU, while exploring alternatives for broader and better engagement with citizens.

For more information on the Horizon Europe programme or the Euraton research programme, click either of the respective links.

Source: EU Commission


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