Joint Responsible Supply Chain Initiative (RSCI) launched to support sustainability performance of companies

The German Automotive Industry association (VDA) has launched the joint Responsible Supply Chain Initiative (RSCI) together with 14 other founding members. The aim is to support all players in the automotive sector in advancing sustainability along the supply chains. The RSCI will provide suitable instruments for this and offer specific support.

“CLEPA supports the establishment of RSCI as a very important step towards the adoption of common global sustainability policies, priorities and management tools in the automotive industry supply chain. The vision of having a single automotive supplier sustainability audit scheme is a common goal that bring us together.” stated Pedro Grossinho, Chairman of CLEPA’s Sustainability/Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Expert Group, after signing RSCI founding documents.

Together with manufacturers, suppliers and other associations, the VDA is developing a standardised test mechanism for evaluating the sustainability performance of companies in automotive supply chains. The results can be shared with relevant companies, taking into account antitrust rules. This practice of mutual recognition can prevent multiple audits in the future. “It will represent a very relevant gain of efficiency with the elimination of single sustainability audits by each customer.” highlighted Holger Willmann, CLEPA’s representative for the RSCI’s project.

Sigrid de Vries, CLEPA Secretary General, considers that “RSCI will have an instrumental role for European and global automotive suppliers in their sustainability journeys”. The focus is the review and further development of the sustainability of companies in their supply chains by means of on-site assessments and corresponding follow-up. The aim is to create fundamental transparency about working conditions. That is the reason why the tests are carried out directly at the production site. The program promotes supplier development and contributes to the further development and continuous improvement of sustainability in the corporate environment.

This program also supports companies in implementing the requirements of customers, legislators and stakeholders and thus also makes a contribution to realising companies’ human rights due diligence.

The initiative is open to other organisations outside the VDA.


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