Joint call for a clear and immediately applicable EU Repair Clause

Together with five other sectorial business associations, CLEPA has signed a joint statement with recommendations and concerns addressed to the European Parliament and Council on the revision of the EU Design Directive (COM(2022) 667) and the EU Design Regulation (COM(2022) 666), calling for a clear and urgent EU Repair Clause to create an accessible and affordable right to repair for consumers in the EU.


The European Commission published the proposals for the revision of the EU Design Directive (COM(2022) 667) and the EU Design Regulation (COM(2022) 666) on 28 November 2022. While the group appreciates these proposals, especially the introduction of an EU-wide Repair Clause in the Design Directive (Art. 19) and the confirmation of a permanent Repair Clause in the Design Regulation (Art. 20a), it also believes that the intention behind this inclusion could materialise more efficiently with some targeted improvements.

A well-rounded Repair Clause is vital to ensure competition and consumer choice of visible spare parts, lower their market prices, promote innovation and make the right to repair a reality for all European consumers.

This requires three adaptations to the Repair Clause:

  • The transition period for existing designs must be shorter and more flexible – up to 3 years.
  • The restriction of the Repair Clause to “form-dependent component parts” should be removed.
  • The information requirements on “product origin” must be avoided.


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