ISO and SAE International announce technical standards agreement


On November 2 2016, ISO (The International Organisation for Standardisation) and SAE International (Society of Automotive Engineers) announced a pilot agreement for the joint development of new technical standards and harmonisation of existing standards. The new Partnership Standards Development Organisation (PSDO) cooperation agreement will apply in two areas, Road Vehicles (ISO TC22) and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ISO TC204).


“This important agreement is a response to the transformational changes taking place in many global industries, including mobility engineering. Increasing technological complexity must be addressed through collaborative efforts in standardisation to avoid duplication and reduce cost across the global network of automotive business partners,” said David L. Schutt, PhD, Chief Executive Officer of SAE International. “We look forward to a successful collaboration with ISO.”


Standards highlighted for joint development include those related to wireless charging, vehicle interoperability, automated vehicle level definition, and automotive cyber security, and their development will consider both SAE and ISO processes for balloting and approval. In addition, the standards developed will benefit from the combined expertise of ISO and SAE, and optimize stakeholder resources, making the standards more effective and relevant to the market.


“ISO’s aim is to bring together experts to share knowledge and develop market relevant International Standards, to provide solutions to global challenges,” said ISO Acting Secretary-General Kevin McKinley. “Collaborating with standards development organisations in specific industries can only help to achieve this aim.”


The agreement was approved by the respective governing bodies of ISO and SAE in consultation with the ISO national member body where SAE has its legal seat (ANSI).


Source: ISO



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