Intelligent speed assistance regulation proposal finalised by the European Commission

The European Commission has adopted the final proposal for the Intelligent speed assistance (ISA) regulation. With important safety benefits, ISA is an advanced safety feature that prevents vehicles from exceeding the set speed limit and can help prevent collisions on European roads. 

 The initiative by the Commission sets out the requirements and test procedures for approving vehicles fitted with ISA, as they will need to be implemented in new type-approvals granted from July 2022. 

The Commission’s final proposal has been now sent for a 2-month scrutiny period to the European Parliament and Council. 

 Automotive suppliers have raised their concern about several points that were not considered. The proposal includes a catalogue of road signs that is currently not reflecting some important information and the final legislative act will not respect the 15 months publication lead-time imposed by the European Regulation, both aspects are essential to allow the industry to design and validate those complex systems. 

For further information, you can access CLEPA’s response to the draft ISA regulation proposal here.


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