Informal agreement on car CO2 emissions reduction

The Council’s Permanent Representatives Committee today confirmed the agreement reached with the European Parliament on the 2020 reduction of CO2 emissions from new passenger cars.

The text still needs to be formally approved by the Parliament, whose vote in plenary is expected to take place in January 2014, and by the Council, which is due to take its decision after the vote in Parliament.

The new regulation defines the terms and conditions for car manufacturers for reaching the 2020 target for CO2 emissions (95g CO2/km) from new passenger cars. Alimited one-year phase-in period requires 95 % of new car sales to comply with the target in 2020 and 100 % by the end of 2020 onwards. The regulation also provides for the use of so-called “super-credits” from 2020 to 2022: this means incentives for car manufacturers to develop new technologies and manufacture cars with low emission levels (less than 50g CO2/km), as these cars would count more towards meeting the fleet average than normal cars. The limit for the use of super-credits is set at 7.5g of CO2/km for the three years 2020-2022.

Source: Council of the European Union


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