Heavy-duty vehicles urgently require regulatory update that boosts their data market potential 

CLEPA, together with other independent service providers, has published a position paper calling for a revision of the Type approval regulation that maximises the potential of the data market for heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs).  

Heavy-duty vehicles have in fact, a more advanced digital services market compared to that of cars and vans. This advancement is facilitated through the Fleet Management Systems Interface (FMS), which serves as a standardised getaway for accessing vehicle data. Currently, access to vehicle data via the FMS Interface is contingent upon Original Equipment Manufacturers’ (OEM) authorisation. Despite allowing such access, the data scope is notably limited, often insufficient to support a wide variety of potential use cases and incompatible with the independent aftermarket. In the position paper, the signatories raise the pressing need for a revision of the vehicle Type-approval regulation to address the specific challenges of the heavy-duty vehicle market. This revision should ensure that sector-specific regulations tackle issues such as the equitable utilisation of the standardised FMS-interface, the creation of equal opportunities for accessing vehicle data, functions and resources, and the establishment of defined processes for the regular review and adaption of the available data scope, guaranteeing a level playing field for all actors.   

The position paper also stresses the importance of establishing comprehensive EU legal framework for accessing vehicle data functions and resources, and that the finalised Data Act needs to be complemented in a timely manner with sector automotive rules covering all vehicle segments. 


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