WP.29 meeting discussed global safety assessment method and certification for autonomous vehicles

Last week the World Forum on Harmonisation of Vehicle Regulations of the United Nations – WP.29 – discussed the progresses in establishing the first set of globally harmonised standards for automated and autonomous vehicle safety assessment and certification methods and principles.

CLEPA together with OICA, the international association of motor vehicle manufacturers, stressed the importance of completing this regulatory framework by 2025 in order to allow the full deployment and market-readiness of fully automated vehicles. It is essential to have this legislative framework in place by 2025 in order to grant legal certainty for manufacturer and supplier’s business planning and development, but also to avoid the fragmentation into (different) regional regulatory requirements in case this timeline is not met at the global level. CLEPA is now continuing dialogues with foreign administrations, present in the UN forum, to further advocate in favour of this important milestone.

More details in the document WP29-187-24.

For further information, please contact Paolo Alburno.


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