Gigaliners: Sides won’t budge in TRAN debate

The subject of gigaliners, the giant trucks about which so much has been written in recent months (for or against their crossborder circulation) still sparks impassioned debate, as seen once again in the European Parliament, on 5 September.

In the Committee on Transport (TRAN), on 5 September, a new study on their potential impact was presented. Carried out by consultants at Steer Davies Gleave, it compiles the results of several earlier studies and reaches conclusions that do not please all opponents of these vehicles. It notes, for instance, that their use could have a positive impact on road safety or could bring improvements in terms of CO2 emissions.

The general conclusion is that “there are clear benefits associated with longer heavier vehicles and the question for policy makers is whether the more uncertain disadvantages are likely to materialise”.

Source: Europolitics


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