Future of electric transportation in Europe

On the 13th of November 2017, the Insitute for Sustainability Leadership of the University of Cambridge published a report “Electric avenue: the future of road transport in Europe”.


The report recommends to policy makers to:

  • Foster efficient new markets, for instance by making sure that technologies like charging points are standardised.
  • Put infrastructure in place to encourage consumers to shift to new technologies, for example by legislating that charging points must be provided near customers’ homes, or by laying suitable electricity cables on motorways.
  • Encourage innovation in infrastructure by making their tendering processes favour sustainable solutions.
  • Make data available for smartphone-based business models that can integrate public transport or make logistics more efficient.
  • Assist research and development in crucial industries, including the development of new battery technologies and AI.
  • Understand the implications of technologies such as automation, and respond to public concerns while supporting innovation.
  • Tighten emission standards and improve enforcement.
  • Support R&D and innovation in businesses that feed in to the more-integrated transport system of tomorrow, whether in technologies such as ‘smart’ road sensors and hydrogen fuel cells, or services such as insurance and cybersecurity.

Recognise that these new models may change the way we live and work – but that can be for the better.


Source: University of Cambridge


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