First Vice-President Timmermans speech on Better Regulation

European Commission First Vice-President Frans  Timmermans  delivered a speech on the Commission’s  Better Regulation Agenda, at the Regulatory Scrutiny Board’s first open conference on Regulatory Scrutiny in the European Union, attended by Member State representatives, national regulatory watchdog chairs, REFIT Platform members, stakeholders and representatives of the EU institutions. Underlining the fundamental role of evidence-based policy making in the context of broader political attacks on evidence and facts, the First Vice-President told the participants:  “This is about changing incentives and attitudes. This is about ensuring that the system itself has changed, and doesn’t need constant policing. That is why, over the past two years we have worked hard to embed better regulation into the DNA of the European Commission, installing a priority driven, evidence-based, disciplined, transparent and above all inclusive policy process. The aim is to make sure we deliver high quality policy proposals that remove obstacles to growth and foster innovation, proposals that minimise regulatory costs while promoting social and environmental sustainability.”  The First Vice-President’s full speech is available online  here.


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