The European Skills Index

The European Centre for the Development of Vocational training (Cedefop) helps develop and implement EU vocational training policies. It monitors labour market trends and helps the European Commission, EU countries, employers’ organisations and trade unions Since 2013, Cedefop has been working on constructing a European Skills Index – Making Skills Work . The index considers three dimensions; namely: a) skills development, b) skills activation, and c) skills matching. These are distinct areas but, all together, they capture three different stages of the route of skills from cultivation to utilisation in the labour market and at work.


The  European Skills Index  thus provides useful information to multiple recipients interested in different aspects of the ‘skills eco-system’ while at the same time providing a snapshot view on countries’ ‘skills performance’. The index aims to serve as inspiration for countries and stakeholders that want to improve certain areas, understand what is driving their results and would like to know more about other counties’ performance.  Based on extensive expert discussions, Cedefop will carry out further work and a new version of the European Skills Index will be launched early 2018.




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