European Parliament misses opportunity to recognise crucial net-zero technologies for a competitive EU manufacturing base

The European Parliament’s Industry Committee (ITRE) adopted today the negotiating report for the Net-Zero Industry Act (NZIA), paving the way for a plenary vote in the week of 20-23 November.

CLEPA welcomes the growing attention of the European Commission, member states and European Parliament to the competitiveness of European industry. However, at the onset of the interinstitutional negotiations on the Net-Zero Industry Act, CLEPA strongly calls for a better recognition of several key technologies, such as drivetrain and hydrogen storage technologies, that will be essential for a competitive, net zero and circular automotive industry. Furthermore, policy makers should consider the possibility to use the NZIA to provide earlier certainty about an exemption for the use of fluoropolymers in crucial net-zero technologies.

Explaining the specificities of the automotive supply industry, CLEPA provides key recommendations to policymakers ahead of the plenary vote in this statement.


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