European elections 2014

The first voting booths opened in the UK and the Netherlands yesterday. In the next three days 400 million Europeans will have the right to choose who will be in charge in Europe.

The eighth European elections are under way, with 28 member states voting from 22 until 25 May. Yesterday the polls opened in the UK and the Netherlands, today in Ireland and the Czech Republic, on Saturday  in Latvia, Malta, Slovakia and also in the Czech Republic, while in the rest of the EU it is on Sunday 25 May.

The best way to follow everything that is happening, including official reactions and buzzing topics on social media, is the special Tumblr page where we will keep you up to date throughout the elections. The Tumblr page is in English, but it will cover news from all member states and provide links to original information sources in the language of the country.

Results will be published on the EU Parliament webpage as soon as they are available. They will be provided in open data form, allowing media, bloggers and all users to automatically retrieve the raw data and publish it directly on their online platforms within seconds. For more information, click here.

Elections are trending on social media as well with the official hashtag #EP2014 being used in nearly 155,000 tweets during the last three days. To help you navigate Twitter, Parliament has developed a special tool that helps with discovering and following elections on Twitter.  The Twitter Dashboard counts tweets, monitors the candidates for the European Commission presidency, top influencers and trending topics and key words.

The Parliament’s official Facebook page will post news items and launch discussions and the same goes for Google + and LinkedIn.

Throughout elections night on Sunday estimates, projections and results will be published:

  • First turnout estimates at EU level at about 21.00 CET
  • First projections at EU level based on polls and preliminary results after 22.00 CET
  • First preliminary results at the EU level after 23.00 CET

The majority of Commission President candidates are expected to be in the Parliament in Brussels at different times. Election results will be updated until 4.00 CET on 26 May and can be followed through the Parliament’s official Twitter accounts. National exit polls will be published on our Tumblr blog as they arrive.

Source: Eu Parliament


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