European Commission urges 9 Member States to transpose rules on the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure

The Commission has asked BulgariaDenmark, Estonia, France, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania and Sweden to fully transpose EU rules on the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure (Directive 2014/94/EU). The main purpose of the Directive is to establish a common framework for the large-scale roll-out of alternative fuels infrastructure in Europe. This is essential to reduce transport oil-dependence, mitigate its environmental impact and thereby strengthen Europe’s leadership in the fight against climate change. The Directive sets out minimum requirements for the building-up of alternative fuels infrastructure, including recharging points for electric vehicles and refuelling points for natural gas and hydrogen. It had to be implemented by 18 November 2016 at the latest. However, these Member States have only partially notified the Commission of measures transposing the Directive into national law. The 9 Member States now have two months to notify the Commission of such measures; otherwise, the Commission may decide to refer the case to the Court of Justice of the EU.


Source: European Commission


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