European Commission seeking feedback on a Recommendation for cooperative, connected and automated mobility roadmap

The European Commission has published a roadmap concerning the Recommendation for Cooperative, connected and automated mobility (CCAM). Proposed Recommendation will concern measures related to specific issues such as the use of pioneer spectrum for 5G connectivity for testing purposes, aspects concerning access to vehicle data, and cybersecurity. The Commission is now seeking feedback on the published roadmap, which can be submitted by stakeholders and citizens until November 16, 2018.


Cooperative, connected and automated mobility is one of the next big trends in the automotive industry. The initiative from the European Commission is designed to support EU countries and the European automotive industry in the transition to connected and automated driving, while also ensuring the best mobility environment for the public. Published roadmap for the Recommendation is building on a strategy to make Europe a world leader for automated and connected mobility, put forward by the Commission on May 2017.


This spring, the Commission identified a set of actions to guide the sector and the Member States on a number of enabling measures for the introduction of connected and automated mobility. One of these actions is to issue a Recommendation within 2018 to complement the regulatory ecosystem for connected and automated mobility. The Recommendation will specifically address the need for cooperation at EU level and coordination between the Member States on the use of spectrum for 5G testing for connected cars, and sector-specific cybersecurity and data governance measures. It is intended to help achieve a coordinated approach amongst the Member States when taking action on these issues. The Recommendation is the first step and might lead to other legislative initiatives at a later stage.


The aim of the Commission Recommendation is to:

  • Provide further guidance on a governance framework for access to and sharing of data generated by connected vehicles;
  • Clarify cybersecurity requirements for the environment of the connected vehicle;
  • Provide guidance on the use of pioneer spectrum for 5G connectivity for large-scale testing and experimentation for connected vehicles.


Roadmap for the Recommendation concerning Cooperative, connected and automated mobility (CCAM) is open for feedback until November 16, 2018. Citizens and stakeholders are invited to provide views on the Commission’s understanding of the problem and possible solutions and to make available any relevant information that they may have. Feedback will be taken into account for further development and fine-tuning of the initiative.


The roadmap can be downloaded here:

Feedback can be submitted on the following website:




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