EUROBAT launches the “Battery Innovation Roadmap 2030”

At a webinar on 5 June, EUROBAT launched its “Battery Innovation Roadmap 2030”, featuring Executive Vice-President of the European Commission Frans Timmermans and MEP Claudia Gamon, alongside EUROBAT’s, Marc Zoellner, Christian Rosenkranz and Bernhard Riegel.

In the official welcome, Marc Zoellner – EUROBAT President and CEO of the Hoppecke Group concluded: “We need an industrial policy that recognises all battery technologies and the jobs they create in the EU, which has to be taken into account by the EU Commission and Parliament when finalising the new Batteries Regulation.”

Executive Vice-President Timmermans, during his keynote speech, discussed the crucial role of batteries in addressing the challenges of the European Green Deal and ‘green recovery’. He continued to praise the role of the European battery industry in creating innovative solutions to the demands of sustainability. He called on the industry to work together with him and policy-makers to construct a legislative framework that supports innovation, sustainability, competitiveness, resilience and growth.



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