#EUGoesDriverless Newsletter 8th Issue: CARTRE Final Results and Future Steps

The Connected and Automated Driving in Europe Initiative has published the 8th issue of the #EUGoesDriverless newsletter. It presents the final results, achievements and future steps of the Coordination of Automated Road Transport Deployment for Europe (CARTRE) project.


During the last two years, CARTRE has been supporting the ambition to make Europe a leader for automated and connected mobility systems. The project aimed to facilitate development and deployment of automated road transport, as well as support the development of consistent policies in collaboration with industry players, thereby ensuring that automated transport systems and services are compatible and are deployed in a coherent way.


To support this aim, the project has been focusing on the development of a stakeholder network to share experiences, the consolidation of knowledge on connected and automated driving (CAD) initiatives, and the research and innovation roadmap for automated mobility. The project created a wide network of stakeholders from industry, public sector and research to share best practices.


This newsletter presents final results and achievements of the CARTRE project:

  • Data and knowledge to speed up automation (data sharing framework)
  • Trilateral impact assessment (impact assessment framework )
  • Future research and innovation needs
  • CAD knowledge base
  • Updated FESTA methodology for automation

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CARTRE CAD Newsletter 8


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