EU Budget proposes close to €100 billion for the Horizon Europe- FP9 Research programme budget for years 2021- 2027

 Brussels, 2nd May 2018

The European Commission sent the request to member states and the European Parliament for the MFF – Multiannual Financial Framework overall budget (7 years) of more than €1 trillion, equivalent to 1.11 per cent of the EU27’s gross national income.

A significant part of this amount, €100 billion is requested for the Horizon Europe – FP9 budget the new EU’s flagship Research Programme, running between 2021 and 2027 (€97.6 billion for the research programme and €2.4 billion for the Euratom nuclear research programme): that’s an increase of almost 30% when adjusted for inflation on the EU’s existing Horizon 2020 research programme of €77 billion (without the inflation adjustment, it’s a rise to €86.6 billion).

The new research programme is one of the few EU budget lines to go up in the Commission’s seven-year proposal; another is the Erasmus+ student exchange programme, which sees its budget double to €30 billion.
The Commission also requested €4.1 billion funding for defence research, a big increase from the current €90 million pilot programme.
The two largest EU spending programmes, farm and regional aid, are down 5 and 7 per cent respectively (to make room for more spending on research and defence).

Horizon Europe budget increase, even if it is less than the €120 billion asked for by the European Parliament.

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