EU Commissioner for Transport expresses support for eFuels

Vehicles are climate neutral when charged with green energy or fuelled with sustainable renewable fuels. EU Transport Commissioner Adina Vălean expressed her support for this approach and the wider spectrum of technology options available during the Handelsblatt auto summit.

As reported by the German newspaper Handelsblatt, Commissioner Valean is closely monitoring the discussion about e-fuels in Germany. She is also looking to the Netherlands, where the trend is more towards hydrogen.

“The infrastructure is already there,” said Vălean during the summit. “Having liquid fuel for the road would be absolutely great.” Commissioner Vălean added that is of great importance to continue being technology-open. There is movement in the market and it is not yet possible to say which technology will be most successful. “But I am happy about all the possibilities that are there.”

CLEPA welcomes Commissioner Vălean’s views and looks forward to continue the discussion with the European Commission on how to open all pathways to climate neutrality, putting emphasis on those that strike a balance between environmental, industrial and social needs. 


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