EU Commission is collecting feedback on C-ITS

To achieve the goal of safer, cleaner and more efficient transport, the European Commission is collecting feedback  on C-ITS (cooperative intelligent transport systems) provisions until February 8.

In many aspects, today’s vehicles are already connected devices, and they are being linked and integrated into our ever more digital lifestyle. However, to make the transport system safer and more efficient, vehicles need to directly interact with each other and with the road infrastructure. Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (CITS) will allow road users and traffic managers to share and use information and coordinate their actions. This cooperative element – enabled by connectivity – is the key to significantly improving road safety and traffic efficiency, also for automated vehicles. Cooperation, connectivity, and automation are not only complementary technologies; they reinforce each other and will over time merge completely.


The main objective of this initiative is to establish right and clear framework conditions to improve the interoperability and continuity of C-ITS across Europe with the aim to significantly improve road safety and traffic efficiency. There is no prior legislation in this field, and thus no scope for simplification.


In relation to the problems and drivers described above the initiative aims to:

  • establish common rules to ensure security of C-ITS communications
  • ensure the practical application of the General Data Protection Regulation in the area of C-ITS
  • ensure a forward looking hybrid communication approach
  • establish common rules on interoperability and compliance assessment
  • clearly define a set of priority C-ITS services to ensure continuity of C-ITS services


Draft acts are open for feedback for 4 weeks and published on this site. Feedback will be taken into account for finalising this initiative.


Click here for more information.


Source: European Commission



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