EPSCO Council discusses ‘New Skills Agenda’

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On March 7, the EPSCO Council held a policy debate on the forthcoming New Skills Agenda for Europe, expected in May 2016, as announced in the European Commission’s 2016 Work Programme.


During the debate, Member States stressed the importance of supporting transitions from education to employment, addressing skills mismatches and gaps, and supporting new and digital skills throughout the lifecycle.


The forthcoming New Skills Agenda for Europe will address skills development and the skills gap with a focus on employability, mobility, competitiveness and fair and balanced growth.


In particular, it will look at the need for future skills, at all levels, to meet the challenges and make the best use of the latest developments, particularly in the digital field, and to ensure that people can develop and upgrade their competences to keep pace with an ever-changing labour market and society.


The New Skills Agenda for Europe will propose specific EU actions and back up concerted policy efforts by Member States, aimed at promoting the active involvement of relevant stakeholders in education, training and the labour market.


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