ENSEMBLE: new publications on truck platooning regulation available

ENSEMBLE is an EU project co-funded by the EU under the Horizon2020 with the aim of taking the last steps of technological research before full deployment of multi-brand truck platooning.


The ENSEMBLE Consortium, as a group of experts, recurrently delivers publications to share their knowledge on the topic.


As for the last updates, the specifications and the current state of regulations for truck platooning are now available on the project website.


The publication on “Platooning use cases, scenario definition and Platooning Levels”  defines how the platoon levels (A, B, C) as envisioned by the ENSEMBLE consortium. Also, some use cases are included in detail.


The “Functional specification for the white-label truck” provides the definition of the requirements and specifications of the white-label multi-brand truck platooning concept to be implemented, tested and demonstrated with up to trucks of 6 different European OEMs. The white-label truck concept takes into

consideration Platoon level A which will form the basis of the intended demonstration at the end of the project on the public road. This report concentrates on the operational and tactical layer but also identifies required interactions with the Strategic and Services Layers.


Follow the project updates on Platooning- ENSEMBLE website: all the public project deliverables, currently under EC review for approval, are available in the Library.



ENSEMBLE wants to communicate the economic, societal and environmental impact of decisions surrounding platoon forming and dissolving. The EU project also strives to modernize the transport system by finding an optimal balance between fuel consumption, emission level, travel times and impact on highway traffic flow, resulting in reduced impacts on climate change, air pollution, noise, health and accidents.



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