EC releases Inception Impact Assessments on Revision of CO2 Regulations

European Commission Building

On July 20 2016, the European Commission released two Inception Impact Assessments:



These assessments were prompted by the recent release of the European Commission’s Strategy for Low Carbon Mobility, which called for new CO2 targets in light of the Paris Climate Deal.


According to the assessments, the main policy objective of the revision of regulations on CO2 emissions for light duty vehicles is to “reduce the climate impact of cars and light commercial vehicles in line with the requirements of EU climate policy and the 2030 climate and energy framework”.


While for the Heavy Duty Vehicles’ fuel consumption and CO2 emissions impact assessment, the main objective is “to curb CO2 emissions from HDVs.” This could involve certifying HDV CO2 emissions under type-approval legislation and monitoring/reporting them at EU level.


Source: European Commission



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