EATA and the 5GAA sign Memorandum of Understanding

The 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) and the European Automotive Telecom Alliance (EATA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding. The aim of this partnership is to foster cooperation in the field of connected and autonomous driving solutions as well as standardisation, spectrum and related use cases.


5GAA includes 33 members and is a multi-industry association to develop, test and promote communications solutions, initiate their standardization and accelerate their commercial availability and global market penetration to address societal need. Focus areas are the development, testing and promotion of communications solutions, the initiation of their standardization and the acceleration of their commercial availability and global market penetration to address society’s connected mobility and road safety needs with applications such as autonomous driving, ubiquitous access to services and integration into smart city and intelligent transportation.


EATA is comprised of six leading associations and 38 companies at present, including telecom operators, vendors, automobile manufacturers and suppliers for both cars and trucks. The main objective of the Alliance is to promote the wide deployment of hybrid connectivity for connected and automated driving in Europe. EATA’s first concrete step is the advancement of a ‘pre-deployment project’ aimed at testing the performance of hybrid communication required for automated driving under real traffic situations. Furthermore, EATA seeks to identify and address service and technology roadmaps, safety and security needs, as well as regulatory and business issues. The project will tackle cross-border interoperability, including digital and physical infrastructure, as well as vehicle localisation issues.


Memorandum of Understanding


European Commissioner Guenther Oettinger, CLEPA Secretary General Sigrid De Vries, ACEA Joost Vantomme, Smart Mobility Director, ETNO Secretary General Lise Fuhr, ECTA Director General Luc Hindryckx, GSMA Executive Director Shane Rooney, GSA Executive Director for IoT networks Joe Barrett, President Christoph Voigt, Chairman of the Board Dino Flore General Director Markus Dillinger Secretary


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